Graduation internship

Graduating in image / video authentication algorithms?

Are you interested in studying forensic image analysis? Then Foclar is looking for you!

Foclar is a young and dynamic software company specialized in forensic image processing and software enhancement systems

Image or video manipulation is something that is becoming increasingly difficult to detect. With the naked eye, manipulation of images is very hard to be detected. There is a rising demand for algorithms specialized in this. Within the forensic image analysis concerning "truth finding", this is an important issue. How can we be sure that there has been no "tampering" with an image / video. Image manipulation can put a police investigation on the wrong track. A possible solution could be tracing back the recording equipment based on the data available in the files. Another possibility could be the analysis of static properties of an image.

Description of assignment
During the graduation phase, we expect the trainee to develop and describe one or more algorithms / tests (C # / C ++). The purpose is to find a method that can be used to determine the authenticity of an image or video. The authenticity can only be determined by the information contained in the specific image or video.

What does Foclar offer you?

  • Highly inspired and driven colleagues
  • Internship in Ede
  • Fascinating clients
  • Internship fee
  • A lot of independence
  • Potential job after graduation 

What asks Foclar of you?

  • Basic skills Visual Studio, C #, C ++
  • Image and video affinity
  • Law enforcement affinity
  • Analytical skills 

And of course you are ambitious, accurate, structured, proactive, independent and communicative.

"Foclar is determined to contribute to a better world. We do this by doing what we do best. We develop software packages custom made for forensics and law-enforcement."

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