VANGA - Summarizing long video footage of observation operations

Vanga software is especially developed for summarizing video footage of (long) observation operations. Its supports XBA200, XBA300 and .AVI files (Also HD).
Regions of interest (ROIs) can be chosen and only the relevant parts of the footage where something (interesting) happens will be saved to an uncompressed AVI.

The intelligent set-up of the detection areas and the versatile detection algorithm distinguishes Vanga from other video motion detector (VMD) software packages.

  • Multiple ROIs can be set. These ROIs can be divided in to groups. This enables the operator to establish certain relationships between different areas in the footage.
  • It is possible to set properties for every individual ROI. These properties determine if the area should be ignored or that events within this area must be saved or not.
  • Vanga both summarizes and reports.
  • An adjustable number of frames, before start and after completion, of an event are appended to the footage of the event.
  • Select up to 32 detection areas.
  • Free form detection areas (not only limited to rectangular shapes).
  • Versatile event viewer and fast analysis procedure for quickly assessing the found events.
  • Robust against moving tree branches, changes in weather (shadows of clouds), day/night transitions and dark noise. In this perspective Vanga is a very reliable and easy to use product.
  • Vanga creates hashes (SHA-1) resulting in tamper proof evidence.
  • The system saves a lot of time compared to viewing the footage by hand.
  • Vanga generates the events as a list of uncompressed .AVIs in an automatic processing step. In the second analysis step, the operator can quickly view all events and select relevant images and annotate these (if required). Finally a report in HTML, Word or Write format can be generated from annotated images.

Vanga will enable the operator to summarize a long piece of observation footage relatively quick because all irrelevant frames (where nothing happens) are excluded by Vanga. The operator can chronologically view the events and add notes to every event.
When the events are viewed, a report can be created at the same time. All events, with the relevant info (time, notes, etc.) are shown in this report. It is possible to generate this report in different formats (HTML, Word and Writer).

On a high performance PC, the speed of Vanga is usually limited to the access speed of the footage medium (hard disk / DVD). It operates in excess of 100 frames/s