About Foclar

Foclar is determined to contribute to a better world. We do this by doing what we do best. We develop software packages custom made for forensics and law-enforcement.

We want to be a company that:

  1. Develops high-end, user friendly software packages custom made for media enhancement within law-enforcement applications.
  2. Forms a center of knowledge for forensic media enhancement.
  3. Contributes to a substantial increase of the effectiveness of media enhancement in forensic applications.

We want to achieve this ambition by forging connections in the ‘recording chain’. This chain consists of three components: ‘The situation’, ‘Multimedia technology’ and ‘Law enforcement’.

Instead of a chain we believe this should be the ‘Foclar recording triad’. When these three components form a triad, they form connections. Because of these connections the components can adjust to one another. Making this ‘Foclar recording triad’ possible is what we see as our task.