Forensic image and video enhancement


Impress, everything you need to enhance your image or video the best way possible.

Images and videos play an increasingly important role in law enforcement. They can result in new leads in investigations, but also in hard evidence. Unfortunately, camera images are often not of the quality required or expected for these purposes. Because it is very easy to manipulate images, their improvement should be done in a forensically and legally responsible manner.

Impress is a forensic image and video enhancement program that has proven itself over 20 years in forensic investigations.

Impress includes many science-based filters and secures everything what is done with the imported images and videos. This 'audit trail' as the log is called, ensures that an independent audit can be performed on the enhanced footage. Furthermore, users have the option to use a powerful GPU for every filter, resulting in a large decrease in processing time. Enhancing images and videos forensically correct can be very complex and challenging. Therefore, we have extensive help functions integrated into the program. We also offer different versions of the software, so there is an appropriate version for each user level.

Impress is an indispensable tool in the forensic search for information in images, and with Impress 8, you are ready for the future. 

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