July 30, 2020 | By Foclar and eurosec

Reseller in the spotlight

In this series of blogposts, we have had the opportunity to ask our resellers from all over the world some questions. Their answers will give us more insights in their company, activities, the collaboration with Foclar and their outlook on the future of digital forensics.

In this reseller profile, we would like to shine a spotlight on our German reseller: eurosec. Our contact at eurosec is Frank Buchzik, and he’s one of the owners of eurosec GmbH.

Could you tell us about your company and your own (or your team’s) professional background?

Our company was founded in 1979 by my father, Karlheinz Buchzik. We started with offering professional risk management, security consulting, due diligence and investigation services. Nowadays, we’ve switched our business model to selling security related equipment to authorities and industrial security departments. Our primary focus is on the police market and our main product categories are the following:

  • Bodycams
  • Video transmission systems
  • Miniaturized audio/video equipment for intelligence services
  • Observation and night vision equipment
  • Forensic light sources
  • Forensic software
  • Document and currency checking devices
  • Mobile battery packs
  • Protective equipment, such as ballistic vests, stab vests and cut/slash resistant clothing    

My father Karlheinz is a former police detective with a diploma in Public Administration of the Police Academy, while I am a former IT product manager with a bachelor in Business Administration (Management in Commerce) of the University of Cooperative Education.

Which country/countries are you active in, and which markets do you operate in?

We are primarily active in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but on request, we are also selling to other European countries and the rest of the world.

How did you come in touch with Foclar?

The contact with Foclar was made by Mr. Wilfried Kohlhof. He was our main contact at the State Criminal Police of Nordrhein-Westfalen and our first customer of BriefCam (video synopsis software from Israel).

What are the biggest challenges in the digital forensic market?

I think there are a few different challenges. First one is police budgets. Also, the tendency of customers to always search for a one-fits-all solution. And, the many different, sometimes proprietary file formats and codecs. What is needed, are powerful but easy to use solutions with clear structured user interface.

What is your view on future developments in the digital forensic market?

When I think about future developments, I think that artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms will be the most powerful aspects, we should be focussing on.

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer some questions for us!  

We want to thank Frank Buchzik for answering these questions for us. We are happy to have eurosec as our reseller for the German market. For more information about eurosec as a company and their products, visit their website: http://www.eurosec-gmbh.de/

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