August 10, 2020 | By Foclar and Schippers IT

Reseller in the spotlight

In this series of blogposts, we have had the opportunity to ask our resellers from all over the world some questions. Their answers will give us more insights in their company, activities, the collaboration with Foclar and their outlook on the future of digital forensics.

In this reseller profile, we would like to shine a spotlight on our Dutch reseller: Schippers IT.

Could you tell us about your company and your own (or your team’s) professional background?

Schippers IT specializes in Digital Forensics, Data Recovery and Cyber Security. We believe that ‘tomorrow’ is more important than ever and we want to make a maximum contribution to everyone’s digital security. We achieve this by thinking in a solution-oriented manner, act quickly and, above all, continuing to listen carefully.

Let’s jump back to the start of our company.

Our CEO and owner of Schippers IT, Henk Schippers, started his career with the National Dutch Police in 1985. While studying informatics in his spare time, he became more interested in forensic IT and became a computer specialist at the criminal investigations department. During his time with the Dutch Police, Henk noticed there were no decent Dutch spoken courses for the implemented software for police investigations.

In 1999, Henk decided to leave the police to start his own company, Schippers IT, to offer services for basic data recovery and training for forensics software. The diploma for private investigator and the POB-number followed in 2004. (The POB-number allows a company to perform certified investigations)

A different office, expanded with 10 employees and many years later, Schippers IT has grown into a fully-fledged specialist in Digital Forensics, Data Recovery and Cyber Security. Whether you want to place an urgent order or need specialised training, we are always there for you.

Which country/countries are you active in, and which markets do you operate in?

Based in the Netherlands, our business expands to all of Europe. Since our main focus is on government agencies, you likely see us or our products most often in the Netherlands or Belgium.

What kind of training or other services do you offer next to selling the products?

Schippers IT provides specialised trainings either given by our own certified trainer or we fly in our trainers to provide you with the best training possible. In addition to our business, we perform digital investigations or help you in this process while using eDiscovery, Incident Response, or act preventively with our Cyber Security solutions.

How did you come in touch with Foclar?

Our sales manager, Berry, was searching for a different solution for forensic video and image enhancement and came across Foclar simply through Google Search.

Can you tell an anecdote about your contact/experience with Foclar?

Berry (sales manager): “Tom and Henk-Jan are very easy to work with. They are good people and have a personal and hands-on approach.”

What do you think is unique about Foclar?

The personal approach and the fact that they really listen and implement requests from our customers is much appreciated. These aspects are easily said, but hardly ever done.

What is your view on future developments in the digital forensic market?

We notice a higher demand for storage capacity and quick search options. In addition, artificial intelligence, predictive coding, and privacy are more common these days and privatized cases are upcoming as well. We also see a shift to permanent virtualized systems where the investigator can login and access the required software within short notice. As said before, we believe that ‘tomorrow’ is more important than ever. Whether you want to place an urgent order or need specialised training, we love to think along with you.

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer some questions for us!  

We want to thank Schippers IT for answering these questions for us. We are happy to have them as our reseller for the Dutch market. For more information about Schippers IT as a company and their products, visit their website:

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